Welcome to Starchistan!

"The birds are pretty chill, as are the squirrels."

cool potato man

Founded on December 1st, We are a powerful country founded from the home of one girl's teenage dreams (hormones) and addiction to musical theatre

Our Official Greeting

Sup Bitches

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About Us

Our brillant monarch, Her Majesty Queen Michaella of the Starch Empire

Our less brilliant monarch, baeley

Sarah is in jail for truency the queen of the prison.

Olivia is the misunuderstood princess who is the destined ruler of Starchistan and will do anything to retrieve what is rightfully hers because no one gives her the attention she deserves and is clearly the best and most fit to be queen.

*All of the above information is from a 100% unbiased source

Days we've been at war with East GermanyCountup

Our National Anthem